Fischerei Bildungs Seminare

Fischerei Bildungs Seminare

6 Exciting Activities in Cape Town

Travelling around the world attending fishing seminars and conferences, I often find myself at a loss for things to do when I have free time. I deceided to write an account of my experiences on a recent visit to Cape Town. Making your way to the so called  “Mother City” and not quite sure about the adventures that you can get up to when you arrive? Worry not, I have made a list of a few exciting things you can do during your vacation in Cape Town.

Cape Town Fishing Conference

Here are some of the activities you can do:

  • Paragliding over Cape Town: Fancy an even bigger adventure? Why not go and take the jump of your lifetime by Paragliding over Cape Town? You get to fly up the sky of the beautiful Mother City and you are also gifted with the best view. Usually, when you are out and about, you want to enjoy your leisure time and do the unthinkable. Paragliding over the Mother City is exactly what the doctor ordered. This is the perfect sport to do that would make you give your vacation the perfect nod. If you want to try paragliding Cape Town, Skywings Paragliding company offer you the best all round packages.
  • Sightseeing with Hop on and off bus: The best things in life are free. Yes, they are with the sightseeing bus. You get to see hop on and off the next stop and get a better glance of Cape Town. The nice thing about these buses is that they cater for everybody and you have the pleasure of sightseeing the Mother City at your pace with nobody rushing you. Pretty cool right? There is nothing worse than visiting a place and having to be rushed before you can fully explore the place. The sightseeing hop on and off bus gives you the right of doing each and anything you want to do in Cape Town without worrying about the time!
  • Bo Kaap Cooking Tour: If you are a food lover like me, you won’t miss going to the Bo Kaap Cooking Tour. You get to experience a variety of foods that are made and ate by different cultures and you get to taste them too! So you might want to go to the Bo Kaap Cooking Tour with an empty stomach because you are guaranteed your taste buds won’t be able to resist the mouthwatering food that is sold there if you just had a full meal.
  • Charly’s Bakery: This bakery will make wish you could take all the cakes back home. Founded in 1989, it caters for everybody who walks in the door ranging from delicious cupcakes, cakes and a great cup of coffee!
  • Robben Island: Now known as a World Heritage Site, Robben Island was once a prison for many historic veterans. To set foot in the place that Nelson Mandela, Dennis Brutus, Jerry Ekandjo and Jeff Masemola once lived and slept in is a worthwhile experience you would sure not want to miss.
  • Babylonstoren garden: There are people who cannot go a day without watering flowers or buying yet another pot plant to go along with their already full garden at home. The Babylonstoren garden has every kind of flower and it is also a very peaceful place to just sit and unwind. This amazing place has a boutique hotel, a farm and a spa. It is pretty much everything you can dream of in one breathtaking place.

These were a just a few of the fantastic activities offered in Cape Town, that I was able to investigate in between lectures at the Fisheries Seminar and Conference I was attending. Cape Town has an incredibly vibrant atmosphere and I must say I was completely enchanted whilst exploring these six options during my free time. I only wish I had had more time to see so many of the other popular attractions. I will most certainly return to Cape Town in the near future with my wife and family.