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Fischerei Bildungs Seminare

Scotswood Sober Living in Cape Town

Scotswood Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa, is an absolutely beautiful property situated in the plush suburb of Constantia, surrounded by mountains, forests and abundant greenery. Addiction to substances and other toxic behaviors like compulsive gambling, shopping and online gaming affect millions of people all over the world. Countless lives and families have been ruined by loved ones being enslaved to some or other form of addiction. Addiction can be described as a type of disorder in the brains reward system mechanism, where despite the negative consequences of the the compulsive behavior, the affected persons continue to repeat the same pattern over and over again without regard for the obvious detrimental effects to themselves or the people around them.

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Over the past few years, the number of treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers for people suffering from addiction has been steadily increasing to meet the demand for treatment of those afflicted. Most treatment centers follow or recommend a 12 Step program as originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Since AA was founded, hundreds of other fellowships have come into being and adopted this same approach to treating and dealing with addiction. Millions of people worldwide have found recovery through following the simple guidelines as laid out by the twelve step programs. South Africa has become an extremely popular destination for people seeking recovery from addiction. Treatment for addiction can be extremely costly and is often not covered by medical aid plans. The high quality of the rehab facilities and the favorable exchange rates have made South Africa one of the top destination for those from Europe in particular. Cape Town is home to some the most respected and advanced addiction treatment centers in the world. The healthy environment, fresh sea air and nature make it an attractive choice for those wanting to leave their lives of misery behind them and start afresh. Every year hundreds of Europeans, particularly Britons and Dutch nationals travel to Cape Town to seek a new way of life. The Cape Town recovery scene is thriving with hundreds of twelve step support group meetings being held each week. At last check there were over seventy weekly meetings for Narcotics Anonymous alone. These support groups are an integral and essential part to the ongoing rehabilitation of the recovering addict.

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Treatment for the addict varies from person to person. Some only undergo a twenty eight day treatment where others may remain in treatment for three months or longer. It all depends on the severity of the patient’s addiction and also their financial means. After completing their treatment, patients leave and try to reintegrate into society, living a new life free of substances and addiction. It can be risky for a person to simply leave the safe environment of a treatment center and return to their old home, job or environment. This is where establishments like Scotswood Sober House Cape Town are invaluable. Scotswood Retreat provides a safe environment for the recovering addict to slowly reintegrate into society with dignity. No matter how well a patient may have progressed over their stay at a rehab facility, leaving the safety of that environment and returning home is always a risky time. While in treatment they may have developed healthy routines and had no exposure to old stimuli that provoke unhealthy behavior, however none of this safety exists when returning back to their old lives, where they will need to face old friends that may still use drugs, old places that remind them of their past lives. There are many factors that can trigger a relapse for an addict, that’s why if possible, it is normally best for an addict to consider a sober living house for a couple of months first. Scotswood sober house is a safe, comfortable Victorian farmhouse in Constantia, Cape Town. The retreat offers a safe, secure and serene environment, with professional staff and addiction counseling available if needed. Scotswood includes healthy cooked meals from Sunday to Friday and the house is professionally serviced three times per week. The Scotswood farmhouse has beautiful gardens, a gorgeous swimming pool, a croquet lawn, a vegetable garden which residents are encouraged to participate in, parking for nine cars, Wifi, yoga classes, and in house massages. The retreat is also conveniently situated close to restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops and of course plenty of twelve step recovery meetings.

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Scotswood is dedicated to quality and maintaining a safe environment and only offers accomodation for eight people. Applicants would need to meet several guest admission requirements before being admitted. It is highly recommended that if you are in need of a sober house Cape Town, that you check out the Scotswood website for further details. All the details of the facility can be founf on their webpage, including all the details of the Scotswood team.