Fischerei Bildungs Seminare

Fischerei Bildungs Seminare

July 24, 2016
by Marcus Radny
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Fishing for Decent Information ?

Fishing or fischerei as it would be translated in German deals with the capture or breeding of fish, whether marine or those living in fresh water systems in lakes or rivers. Fishing is an extremely valuable source of income for many countries and makes up a large portion of the gross domestic product for those countries that are not completely landlocked or surrounded by land. In many cases fishing comes close to or exceeds the revenue received from other large industries like agriculture and mining. Although the fishing industry in Germany has been steadily declining over the past few years it is estimated that the industry still provides more than forty thousand much needed jobs in a suffering economic climate.

Fischerei seminare

Fish and fish products are still extremely popular throughout Germany, especially in Berlin and Hamburg. German people have historically enjoyed a high fish diet, not only because they enjoy the taste of fish but also because of its high nutritional value, rich fatty unsaturated acids and high vitamin content. The German fishing industry is not limited to ocean fishing and recreational fishing. There are many industry sectors that depend fishing (fischerei) to sustain themselves. These include : Inland fish farms and aquaculture, fish wholesalers, Fish retailers, fish processing enterprises such as cannerys, catering businesses which specialize in fish products as well as the commercial deep sea fishing fleet and off shore fishing fleet.

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South Africa has a large fishing industry, both commercial and recreational. The country has over three thousand kilometers of coastline, and forms the bridge between the west and the east coast of Africa. The cold Atlantic west coast has rich population of anchovy, rock lobster, mackerel, hake, snoek and tuna, whilst the warmer Indian ocean east coast is rich in squid and a variety of delicious linefish which provide an essential livelihood for many seaside villages. The commercial fishing for Hake in South Africa contributes to more than fifty percent of the country’s total commercial fishing value, with total hake catches in excess of one hundred and seventy five thousand tons each year. The South Caftan Hake deep sea trawl industry is not subsidized by the South African government, unlike many other countries where the importance of the industry is recognized and boat owners are given incentives by their governments to invest in new fishing boats. Almost all the the above mentioned catch is landed in the Cape Province where commercial fishing is one of the economic pillars of the province. Recent figures show that yearly sales from deep sea fishing are well over five and a half billion South African Rands.

June 3, 2017
by Bogdan Gelmeu
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Increase in Fibreglass Fishing Boats

The Fisheries and Fishing Industry has evolved a great deal over the past few decades. New technologies in fish finding systems, tracking weather patterns and the construction of fishing vessels in particular have revolutionized the fishing industry immensely over the past few decades. We recently attended a fisheries seminar concerning advancements made in the construction of fishing vessels, using fibreglass to construct a large portion of the fishing vessel as opposed to wood and steel.

Taking into consideration how dangerous the labour is of manufacturing fibreglass products and fiberglass moulds is, there are a few safety measures that need to be addressed:

  • Knowledge – Knowledge plays a huge role in the manufacturing of fibreglass fishing boats. The engineering of fibreglass fishing boats needs to be done by a competent person. A competent person would need to have undergone some training or another to be taught how to manufacture fibreglass moulds. This is not the type of job that you can learn overnight since we are dealing with life changing products. Competency can only be assessed and approved on the successful manufacture of a fibreglass sea vessel that is entirely seaworthy. However it is important also to note that an employee can manufacture a a product or fibreglass fishing boat that has defects. It is advisable to take workers on a refresher training regularly to avoid manufacturing dissatisfaction. Manufacturing fibreglass fishing boats is something that has been well developed and progressed in Australia.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 is structured for the protection of employees and employers in the workplace. This Act governs safety measures in the workplace and states that PPE should be the last resort of protecting employees. As a result, PPE should always be provided to employees who manufacture fibreglass and fibreglass moulds. It is also the right of an employee to refuse to work in a condition that would threaten the life of an member of staff or others.
  • Standards and Procedures – There must be documented standards, procedures or policies stipulating the manufacturing of fibreglass products and fibreglass moulds. This should not be a thumb sucked document but rather a standardized system that is in place to ensure the careful implementation of fibreglass regulatory standards for construction of fishing boats. Standards and Procedures are established in order to perform the required job correctly, adequately and safely. It is important to have a documented protocol of the manufacturing of vessels that will be out at sea for extended periods of time on fishing expeditions. This shows that not only do you care about gaining profits as a company but you also take into consideration the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers.
  • Quality Products – Jaguar Products Pty (Ltd) promises to deliver products that are free of defects and irregularities. There are companies that ensure they deliver on quality products. These organizations ensure they comply with certain national or international standards such as ISO which refers to the International Organization for Standardization amongst others. Manufacturing quality does not only give the company a good reputation but it also plays a major role in customer satisfaction. When a client is happy with your service, they will be able to recommend it other people. Again maintaining a good customer service will enhance your profits and that makes all relevant parties happy.
  • Logistics– After the completion of manufacturing fibreglass and fibreglass moulds, transportation is the last step of distribution. Choosing the right means of transport is important on the basis of the severity of the glasses that are being transported to and fro. Therefore, it is of highest importance to ensure that the means of transported chosen are safe, reliable and convenient.

fibreglass fishing boats

Nobody wants to be waiting for a delivery that doesn’t arrive or is frequently delayed due to unreliable transport. This poses a bad image to your clients and that is not a good reputation to have as a business.

February 21, 2017
by Bogdan Gelmeu
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6 Exciting Activities in Cape Town

Travelling around the world attending fishing seminars and conferences, I often find myself at a loss for things to do when I have free time. I deceided to write an account of my experiences on a recent visit to Cape Town. Making your way to the so called  “Mother City” and not quite sure about the adventures that you can get up to when you arrive? Worry not, I have made a list of a few exciting things you can do during your vacation in Cape Town.

Cape Town Fishing Conference

Here are some of the activities you can do:

  • Paragliding over Cape Town: Fancy an even bigger adventure? Why not go and take the jump of your lifetime by Paragliding over Cape Town? You get to fly up the sky of the beautiful Mother City and you are also gifted with the best view. Usually, when you are out and about, you want to enjoy your leisure time and do the unthinkable. Paragliding over the Mother City is exactly what the doctor ordered. This is the perfect sport to do that would make you give your vacation the perfect nod. If you want to try paragliding Cape Town, Skywings Paragliding company offer you the best all round packages.
  • Sightseeing with Hop on and off bus: The best things in life are free. Yes, they are with the sightseeing bus. You get to see hop on and off the next stop and get a better glance of Cape Town. The nice thing about these buses is that they cater for everybody and you have the pleasure of sightseeing the Mother City at your pace with nobody rushing you. Pretty cool right? There is nothing worse than visiting a place and having to be rushed before you can fully explore the place. The sightseeing hop on and off bus gives you the right of doing each and anything you want to do in Cape Town without worrying about the time!
  • Bo Kaap Cooking Tour: If you are a food lover like me, you won’t miss going to the Bo Kaap Cooking Tour. You get to experience a variety of foods that are made and ate by different cultures and you get to taste them too! So you might want to go to the Bo Kaap Cooking Tour with an empty stomach because you are guaranteed your taste buds won’t be able to resist the mouthwatering food that is sold there if you just had a full meal.
  • Charly’s Bakery: This bakery will make wish you could take all the cakes back home. Founded in 1989, it caters for everybody who walks in the door ranging from delicious cupcakes, cakes and a great cup of coffee!
  • Robben Island: Now known as a World Heritage Site, Robben Island was once a prison for many historic veterans. To set foot in the place that Nelson Mandela, Dennis Brutus, Jerry Ekandjo and Jeff Masemola once lived and slept in is a worthwhile experience you would sure not want to miss.
  • Babylonstoren garden: There are people who cannot go a day without watering flowers or buying yet another pot plant to go along with their already full garden at home. The Babylonstoren garden has every kind of flower and it is also a very peaceful place to just sit and unwind. This amazing place has a boutique hotel, a farm and a spa. It is pretty much everything you can dream of in one breathtaking place.

These were a just a few of the fantastic activities offered in Cape Town, that I was able to investigate in between lectures at the Fisheries Seminar and Conference I was attending. Cape Town has an incredibly vibrant atmosphere and I must say I was completely enchanted whilst exploring these six options during my free time. I only wish I had had more time to see so many of the other popular attractions. I will most certainly return to Cape Town in the near future with my wife and family.

October 25, 2016
by Bogdan Gelmeu
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Widespread Alcohol Drug Abuse in Fishing

Working in the fishing industry requires the fishing crews to be away from home and on the sea for extended periods of time. It’s not uncommon for fisherman to rely heavily on alcohol and drugs to pass the time while they are at sea for sometimes months at a time. Ixande drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Cape Town regularly treats clients from the fishing industry for alcoholism and drug addiction. Cape Town and the Western Cape is home to thousands of fisherman and makes up a large portion of the South African fishing industry. Many of these fisherman are alcoholics and and frequently abuse drugs. Tik, the South African equivalent of crystal methamphetamine is one the most widely abused drugs in Cape Town, firstly because of its relatively low cost and also because of its widespread availability. Being at sea for days and sometimes months at a time, so many of the fishermen will pass their free time abusing drugs and alcohol. In many cases it is a form of coping with being away from family and also dealing with boredom. What often happens in the fishing industry is that the boats will be manned by a crew of several members. It only takes one or two of these fishermen to bring alcohol and drugs on board the fishing vessel and before long even those that don’t have a problem, find themselves becoming regular drinkers and drug users.

It is estimated that the South African fishing industry loses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year as result of lost productivity and negligence resulting from alcoholism and drug abuse. South Africa has a thriving addiction and alcohol treatment industry and is home to some of the worlds best treatment specialists and drug rehabilition centres in Cape Town. For those that are able to afford it, there is no shortage of drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town. Ixande is one of the longest running and most successful drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town. Ixande caters for clients from all walks of life and caters for a large number of overseas clients, particularly from the United Kingdom and Holland. Ixande drug rehabilitation centre specializes in treating clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction and codependency. Ixande has a diverse and highly qualified team that facilitates the treatment program that the centre provides. It is very common for people who suffer from addiction to struggle with multiple addictions simultaneously. There is a vicious cycle of abuse that continues, the one addiction feeding into the other. The alcoholic or drug addict may struggle with gambling addiction or sex addiction at the same time. At present it is only the more financially able fishermen that can afford treatment for drug and alcohol abuse but Ixande is a cheap rehab in Cape Town when compared to international standards and the quality of the treatment provided to their clients.

August 20, 2016
by Marcus Radny
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Need help with Anxiety or Depression ?

The pressure of living in the twenty first century takes it’s toll on many people. Stress levels among adults and adolescents are higher than ever before. Divorce rates are on the rise and nearly one in every ten people suffer from depression during their lives. Pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune producing new medications each year to profit from these circumstances. There are other ways of dealing with depression, marital problems, trauma, anxiety and personality disorders. There are a few really good psychologists that are skilled in treating patients that suffer from any one of these problems. Dr Maryke Woolf is a psychologist in Newlands, Cape Town that is well known for her gentle approach in dealing with her patients. Maryke has a Masters degree in clinical psychology and community counselling, obtained from the University of Stellenbosch. Dr Woolf went on to complete an internship at the Lentegeur Psychiatric hospital, followed by another year of community service working with the Department of Correctional Service. Maryke is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, a member of the Board of Healthcare Funders and the Psychological Society of South Africa.

maryke woolf newlands psychologist

Dr Woolf is committed to providing a non-judgmental and safe space that allows her and her clients to work through the issues that are causing stress and anxiety. Maryke utilizes psychodynamic and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) frameworks in her approach to helping her patients. It is Maryke’s belief that for therapy to be effective, the relationship between her and her client needs to be as strong and trusting as possible, and thus her treatment is structured with her patients requirements in mind. Maryke offers Individual psychotherapy and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) services to children, adolescents, adults and couples. Although closer to the suburb of Newlands in Cape Town, she treats patients from as far as Simonstown and is also the preferred Claremont psychologist for many people in that area. Dr Woolf’s approach is to use the first two sessions of consultation with new clients to perform a professional and comprehensive clinical evaluation before deciding on the most appropriate and beneficial approach to treating that client. You can reach her on [email protected], or mobile 079 368 7681. Maryke’s practice is situated at 10 Ohlsson Way, Newlands, Cape Town. For more information about Maryke’s practice you can visit her website at

July 31, 2016
by Bogdan Gelmeu
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Cape Agency Delivers Top Results

Building up a web presence can be extremely time consuming. Making sure that the search engines find you, that people that are looking for the services that you provide find you, and not your competitor is not as easy as it may seem. There are hundreds of marketing agencies and SEO firms that will promise you results yet fail to deliver after charging you a steep fee. SEORank is Cape Town based marketing agency that outperforms all the others we have used in the past. These guys deliver on their promises. The SEORank team will give you an analysis of your website’s performance, look at important onpage and off page factors and check your keyword optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an extremely important consideration when building and wording the layout of your website. Ranking for the right keywords is the most important thing for your website and can make or break you in the long term. The guys at SEORank are great at ferreting out the niche keywords for your business that catch people right where you want them, in that final step before making their purchase. After spending the two to three days on keyword research,  the team will advise on what onpage changes need to be made to rank for your optimal keywords. After that, leave the SEORank team to do what they do best and that’s getting you to the top of the search results. If you’re looking for the best Cape Town SEO company, look no further.

SEORank are experts when it comes to search engine optimization, internet marketing, keyword research and linkbuilding.

July 30, 2016
by Marcus Radny
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Scotswood Sober Living in Cape Town

Scotswood Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa, is an absolutely beautiful property situated in the plush suburb of Constantia, surrounded by mountains, forests and abundant greenery. Addiction to substances and other toxic behaviors like compulsive gambling, shopping and online gaming affect millions of people all over the world. Countless lives and families have been ruined by loved ones being enslaved to some or other form of addiction. Addiction can be described as a type of disorder in the brains reward system mechanism, where despite the negative consequences of the the compulsive behavior, the affected persons continue to repeat the same pattern over and over again without regard for the obvious detrimental effects to themselves or the people around them.

sober living scotswood

Over the past few years, the number of treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers for people suffering from addiction has been steadily increasing to meet the demand for treatment of those afflicted. Most treatment centers follow or recommend a 12 Step program as originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Since AA was founded, hundreds of other fellowships have come into being and adopted this same approach to treating and dealing with addiction. Millions of people worldwide have found recovery through following the simple guidelines as laid out by the twelve step programs. South Africa has become an extremely popular destination for people seeking recovery from addiction. Treatment for addiction can be extremely costly and is often not covered by medical aid plans. The high quality of the rehab facilities and the favorable exchange rates have made South Africa one of the top destination for those from Europe in particular. Cape Town is home to some the most respected and advanced addiction treatment centers in the world. The healthy environment, fresh sea air and nature make it an attractive choice for those wanting to leave their lives of misery behind them and start afresh. Every year hundreds of Europeans, particularly Britons and Dutch nationals travel to Cape Town to seek a new way of life. The Cape Town recovery scene is thriving with hundreds of twelve step support group meetings being held each week. At last check there were over seventy weekly meetings for Narcotics Anonymous alone. These support groups are an integral and essential part to the ongoing rehabilitation of the recovering addict.

addiction recovery

Treatment for the addict varies from person to person. Some only undergo a twenty eight day treatment where others may remain in treatment for three months or longer. It all depends on the severity of the patient’s addiction and also their financial means. After completing their treatment, patients leave and try to reintegrate into society, living a new life free of substances and addiction. It can be risky for a person to simply leave the safe environment of a treatment center and return to their old home, job or environment. This is where establishments like Scotswood Sober House Cape Town are invaluable. Scotswood Retreat provides a safe environment for the recovering addict to slowly reintegrate into society with dignity. No matter how well a patient may have progressed over their stay at a rehab facility, leaving the safety of that environment and returning home is always a risky time. While in treatment they may have developed healthy routines and had no exposure to old stimuli that provoke unhealthy behavior, however none of this safety exists when returning back to their old lives, where they will need to face old friends that may still use drugs, old places that remind them of their past lives. There are many factors that can trigger a relapse for an addict, that’s why if possible, it is normally best for an addict to consider a sober living house for a couple of months first. Scotswood sober house is a safe, comfortable Victorian farmhouse in Constantia, Cape Town. The retreat offers a safe, secure and serene environment, with professional staff and addiction counseling available if needed. Scotswood includes healthy cooked meals from Sunday to Friday and the house is professionally serviced three times per week. The Scotswood farmhouse has beautiful gardens, a gorgeous swimming pool, a croquet lawn, a vegetable garden which residents are encouraged to participate in, parking for nine cars, Wifi, yoga classes, and in house massages. The retreat is also conveniently situated close to restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops and of course plenty of twelve step recovery meetings.

sober house cape town


Scotswood is dedicated to quality and maintaining a safe environment and only offers accomodation for eight people. Applicants would need to meet several guest admission requirements before being admitted. It is highly recommended that if you are in need of a sober house Cape Town, that you check out the Scotswood website for further details. All the details of the facility can be founf on their webpage, including all the details of the Scotswood team.